INSIGHT VACATIONS: We love great food and know where to find it! 
No matter the country or culture, Insight seeks out fresh ingredients, seasonal menus, and excellent local wines to engage all your senses and highlight the full ambience of the land, people, and history.  Here are just a glimpse of the many unique and exclusive culinary experiences you will enjoy on an Insight Vacation.

Get a fresh taste of your destination with restaurants praised for their use of locally sourced ingredients. Our farm-to-table meals feature top-notch produce with a rare chance to get to know some of the local farmers and growers.

A night out focusing on excellent gastronomy at acclaimed local restaurants—paired with great atmosphere, and of course, great wine!
Highlight Dinner: Authentic Dining – Dining Around In Spain
After a day of exploring the Giralda Tower and Seville Cathedral, enjoy dinner with wine and be entertained as you share the passion of Spain’s most fiery region during a flamenco show.

Life is full of tough choices, like knowing where to dine in a new city! Choose from our selection of excellent and personable restaurants all recommended by your Travel Director, where you and a smaller group of companions can enjoy authentic local cuisine in an intimate setting.
Dine-Around:Authentic Dining in Ireland
In Killarney, dine with a close group of new friends at Treyvauds, a family-run restaurant specializing in modern Irish cuisine. Devour prime Irish beef and Guinness stew and Kenmare smoked salmon paired with select Irish brews for an authentic Irish feast. Home-cooked meals are very special, which is why we offer our guests a chance to dine in the home of a local foodie. Enjoy a traditional dinner made with passion and make new friends as you learn about their everyday lives. By partnering with social dining network EatWith, we’ve expanded our collection of local hosts to offer you an even greater variety of authentic experiences.
Dine at home in Asturia Spain
In the beautiful countryside of Asturia in Northern Spain, Dine-at-Home host, Flor Santiago, leads Insight travellers on a one stop tasting tour of the region, starting with her famous cider. She’ll share her secrets for making the perfect pisto (ratatouille), while guest dine on local specialties at her home.

Celebrate the last night of your journey with a meal to remember. Handpicked by our resident foodie experts, these memorable dinners are at some of the best and highest-rated restaurants on your trip and offer you the chance to bid a stylish farewell to new friends. In Edinburgh, Insight guests can dine at the awarding-winning Galvin Brasserie de Luxe, which offers seasonal European fare with an epic Crustacea bar.

Roll up your sleeves and get busy with our expert local chefs! Learn about traditional cuisine and regional specialties during a fun and often interactive cooking lesson right inside the kitchen followed by a taste of the final dish. Learn the secrets of making a traditional paella in Valencia before sitting down to devour a plate of your own while you savour exquisite regional wines.