Fun Food Festivals Around The World

By Karen Snider Leiva

Looking for extraordinary food experiences in 2015? Consider these three fun food festivals from around the globe. From Milan to Maine, there is something for every food lover.

Expo 2015 in Milan: From May to October, Milan will host the Wonderful 2015 Expo. Foodies will want to pay particular attention to the World of Taste pavilion where more than 147 countries will showcase their culinary expertise. The Expo is conveniently located in Milan, a launch pad to exploring Italy’s northern communities such as Langhe Roero. Here you can expect rolling hills covered in vineyards, small villages adorned with castles, and of course, a gastronomical experience. Langhe Roero is home to delicious white truffle and Barolo wine; not to mention 12 Michelin star restaurants and some of the country’s finest wine cellars.

Panorama_BarbarescoMaine’s Lobster Festival, July 29- Aug.2: What could be better than a holiday centred around eating lobster! At the Maine Lobster Festival you can expect: the world’s greatest lobster cooker, 20,000 pounds of lobster, a sea goddess coronation, a big parade, top notch entertainment, an international crate race, fine art, talented crafts people and vendors, cooking contests, marine tent, etc. Just imagine 20,000 pounds of lobster! And if you’ve eaten too much and need to work off a few pounds, you could always partake in the ‘lobster crate race’. (

lobster_rollIreland’s Oyster Festivals, August – September: Get ready for a whole lot of shucking in Ireland this summer! Ireland surely must be the undisputed champion for countries hosting the most oyster festivals. In total, there are four oyster festivals happening across the country, not to mention a competition to beat the current Guiness World Record for eating the most oysters (currently, an Irishman holds the title after eating 233 oysters in three minutes). Ireland is also home to the Galway Oyster Festival, which is said to be the oldest annual festival of its kind in the world. Match that with Irish craft beer and you can’t go wrong. Galway Oyster Festival