Expect Eclectic: Destination Dubai

A city of luxurious hotels, beaches and a gateway for extraordinary activities, such as dessert safaris, camel racing or shark diving, it’s no surprise that Dubai is quickly becoming a popular tourist destination and an exciting stop-over. The city has taken great strides in making itself more attractive to tourists and in 2020 Dubai will host more than 25 million visitors as part of the World Expo.


Courtesy of  Jumeirah.com Hotels

 Easier than ever to fly directly and comfortably to Dubai – it’s only an 11-hour direct flight from Toronto. (Did you know it takes less time to fly directly from Toronto- Dubai then it does to fly Toronto-Hawaii? It’s true!)

But, what makes Dubai special for a Bon Vivant?

dubai jeramiah

Courtesy of  Jumeirah.com Hotels

 Here are some highlights of what a foodie can expect to find in Dubai:|Expect eclectic: With more than 200 nationalities living in Dubai, you can expect a variety of flavors and fusions

Taste culture: Emirate traditional cuisine commonly includes fish and lamb bursting with flavors of cardamom, cinnamon and nutmeg

Spectacular setting: Dubai is never short of spectacular, lavish settings to enjoy your meals. Of note are the 117 luxurious Jumeirah hotel restaurants

Try za’atar: This Middle Easter spice is an herbal citrus blend with sesame seeds popular to the region

Camel for special occasions: It’s common for camel meat to be served for special celebrations, such as weddings, but you can find it in some restaurants throughout the year

Desert farming: There are more than 40 organic farms along the outskirts of Dubai in the desert are growing approximately 62 products, including crops of vegetables, along with honey bees and free range hens

Jamie Oliver: Yes! Jamie Oliver is one of several celebrity chefs to open up a restaurant in Dubai.

Oliver has two restaurants, the most recent opened at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel

Savor bold coffee: Rich, sweet coffee is favored in the Middle East, and you will find a great selection of cafes to unwind it

Exploring bazaars: Middle Eastern markets are quite the experience! Look for colorful stands of gourmet grocers and farmers markets in the souks and bazaars.