Bathing In Beer

Recently, travel writer Tim Johnson toured the Czech Republic to get a taste of its famed beers. The Czech’s are a beer-loving nation, so much so that there is even a beer spa. So, Tim did what any beer lover would do – he took the plunge!
“Having visited breweries and drunk copious amounts of beer, only one experience remained—that of actually bathing in beer, something available at Purkmistr, a complex just south of town that combines microbrewery, beer-infused restaurant, hotel and beer spa,” he writes. “Stepping into a wooden tub, I let the warmth of a soupy mixture of malt, hops, beer and water wash over me. After dunking my head all the way under, I wiped my face and reached to my right, placing a frosty mug under a tap, filling to the top, then tipping it back. Supremely happy, I mused that you must truly be in a nation that loves beer, to be able to drink beer while bathing in it. And I pledged to return, soon.”
A beer-filled bathtub? That sounds incredibly fun!
Read more about Tim’s adventures in Czech Republic in the upcoming edition of the Bon Vivant magazine.