5 Fun Things to Do in Torino

  1. Catch a Juventus soccer match – one of the best ways to experience true Italian passion.
  2. Join the locals for Aperitif and Stuzzichini between 6:30-7:00 pm.  Head to a bar, order a chilled glass of Vermouth and enjoy the complimentary platters of cold cuts, olives and sample sandwiches.
  3. Go treasure hunting for books among the stalls that line Via Roma and Via Po.
  4. Check out the deals at the open air markets in Porta Palazzo and Balon.
  5. Have a Bicerin at ‘Al Bicerin’. Since 1763, Café Al Bicerin has been serving this delicious concoction of Espresso, chocolate and cream. It’s worth every single calorie.

Happy touring!