Welcome to Bon Vivant Travel! Ensemble Travel Group’s exclusive program dedicated to creating unique culinary and wine vacations. Our team of culinary travel specialists are experts in creating one of a kind culinary vacations to suit every palate.

Culinary travel is for anyone who loves good food, wine and travel. We can take you beyond the usual tourist attractions, to discover the hottest gourmet spots, the Michelin starred restaurant or those hidden away local markets.  We meet local chefs, tour with wine makers and wine lovers. You will have the opportunity become a wine connoisseur. Whatever your taste our Bon Vivant culinary travel specialists are ready to create an unforgettable vacation.

A Journey of Flavours to Delight Your Taste Buds Awaits

Let our culinary travel specialists open you to new horizons
If you travel the world to satiate your palate, there’s nothing more appetizing, fulfilling or even sensual than a memory made through a culinary experience. Whether it’s exploring a Mercato in the Italian countryside, stacked with fresh local fruits and vegetables, journeying through Andalusia to learn what makes for perfect olive oil, floating through the food markets in Thailand tasting exotic dishes, or sipping the perfect blend in Bordeaux, the menu of epicurean discoveries is endless.
Get ready for the tastiest of adventures as you discover unique food markets, learn about local customs, be part of immersive cooking classes that will inspire you to create luscious local specialities, or spend your days with winemakers scampering the vineyards and savouring from the latest harvest. Our team of dedicated travel advisors can craft a tailor-made culinary getaway that will delight your palate.
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