The good life. You crave it and dream of it – warm, thoughtful and free-spirited friends,  cultivated and exotic experiences and of course,  the refined sensuous enjoyment of fabulous food  and drink.
At Bon Vivant, we crave and dream of the good life too. And it’s inspired us to craft an incomparable collection of once-in-a-lifetime travel packages — voyages that take you beyond the main attractions to explore and celebrate the culinary delights of far-off lands.
In fact, with a little help from your friends at Bon Vivant, you’ll discover adventures to suit any foodie’s fancy – sailing the high seas with a Master Chef, exploring a small European town and discovering the delicacies of its local artisans, or plucking grapes straight from a vine in a tiny family-owned vineyard. Maybe you dream of spending the afternoon in a local sun-lit restaurant, then enjoying the fruits of your labour. Perhaps you imagine learning the secret of making the most mouthwatering sauce or selecting the perfect wine for your gourmet feast.
Whatever you crave, whatever you dream, the Bon Vivant website is the first stop on your voyage of discovery. We invite you to peruse the exceptional and exotic experiences right here and join our team of bloggers as they share the tales of their taste buds’ travels. Then contact us so we can help customize your own unforgettable adventure in culinary travel.
Bon_Vivant_Travel_ChefIn our quest to bring you the best in culinary cruising, the most delicious food markets around the world and cooking classes that will have you recreating the luscious meals you enjoyed on your vacation for awe-struck family, the menu has been carefully curated with your tastes in mind.  From the food, wine and spirits in Porto, Portugal to the most delicious souvenirs and food-based books on the market, Bon Vivant welcomes you to pull up a chair, sit back and savour our hand selected moments.  We promise you, it will be deliciously worth your while.
Whether it’s for your next vacation or meal, living the good life starts with a delicious dream. Bon Vivant is here to help make it happen!
Bon voyage et bon appétit!